Boxing school Samurai, Ho chi Minh city

boxing school Samurai Ho chi Minh cityDear all, you are probably waiting for interesting stories behind the Athletes and so am I .

After my first week traveling I have to acknowledge that it is a bit more complicated than expected to have a proper conversation in English in Vietnam. The people are super friendly and helpful but language is a barrier. Let me take you along my most recent experience working out in a boxing school. The story starts with getting there….

Where are we

We had a nice walk through the city and decided it was time for another workout. We made a plan to hit the hotel, get our boxing gear and jump into the taxi to the venue. Since we were not so sure if our hotel was nearby, we grabbed our map. As you know, navigating starts with determining where you currently are on the map. We asked a couple of locals if they could point out where we were. That turned out to be a pretty difficult question. The first six people we asked could not point out where we were on the map, and yes, it was the map of the city we were in . Fortunately the seventh person could, so we found the hotel and called a cab.

We jumped into the taxi and told the driver where we wanted to go. He looked at us if we were from Mars. Repeating the name of the street did not do the trick. Thumbs up for the Google Translate app! I typed in the name of the street, translated it into Vietnamese and off we went!

Boxing class

We arrived at the boxing school. Our boxing teachers were Le Van Sang and Osjima Shogo, both boys were fast and sharp. Unfortunately the photos are not, sorry for that We had a great workout and of course the opportunity to pop the question: What’s your drive to do it?

Le Van Sang Le Van Sang started boxing when he was 18. He followed the footsteps of his dad, who was a boxer too. Mike Tyson was his big example and he strived for years to be as good as him. Unfortunately he got an injury that blocked that goal. He then started as a boxing teacher trying to help others to become as good as Mike.

Osjima ShogoOsjima Shogo was inspired by his fitness teacher who told him that he was a natural in boxing. Because he always wants to be the best, he worked really hard. As a result he won several fights. Like Le Van Sang he needed to give up because of an injury.

Stories of the athletes

Nice stories but a bit superficial. I am looking for the real drives, the root of the motivation. Asking questions to get there, did not give me the output I wanted. I concluded that the language barrier is pretty unhandy when you try to discover the drive to do it! So, I have to lower the bar here in Vietnam…something I am not particularly fond of . In a few days we are heading for Bangkok, hope to be able to raise the bar and find some interesting stories there!

Keep you posted!


After boxing class I did another workout:

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