“It completely changed my life for the better” ~ Michelle

Michelle, Superpro, ThailandI had been backpacking around central and South America for a year and felt a bit tired of moving around and felt like I needed some routine and to do something good for myself health wise. Enough partying! So I signed up for a few weeks training. I had never done anything like this. I was always a little chubby growing up and hated sports so was surprised that I enjoyed it so much.
Michelle, Superpro, ThailandI really loved the routine of training, I did 2 sessions a day every day right from day 1. I left after almost a month here and continued on my travels to North Africa and the middle east, only because I had non refundable bookings, or I think I wouldn’t have left! I almost didn’t get on that plane.
But after a few months traveling I felt like I again wanted to do something good for myself health wise and couldn’t get Superpro and the great time I had here out of my mind. I really wanted to lose 10kg and get fit so I came back with that as my goal. I loved it as much second time around and stayed and stayed until my money was finished. Almost 5 months. At the end of it this place had really become home.Michelle, Superpro, Thailand

I had been staying in one of the basic gym rooms behind the training mats, training twice a day every day, and I had become friends with many of the trainers – I just found I fit into this life. The trainers really put a lot of effort in to my training also as they saw that I was willing to work hard and would never miss a session. I was also very social around the gym with both the Thais and the guests. The gym owner saw all of this and felt like I had become part of the Superpro family and in my last week offered me an opportunity to come back whenever I could to live and train here and I could help them out with their social media and photography.

Michelle, Superpro, ThailandI kept my flight home thinking I would need to stay in Australia and save some money for 6 months before coming back, but after 2 days I missed it too much. The boys (trainers) and I were still in contact and I just missed them all so much too. So I tied up a few things in Australia and 6 weeks later I was back, my old room was still there waiting for me! Over a year later I’m still here and still living in the gym! So a year and a half in total I have been here now. Superpro really is a special place for me. I have spent my entire adult life traveling or saving to travel, never really feeling at home anywhere with travel being my only focus and drive. And never liking any sports. But then I discovered Muay Thai and realized I loved it. And wasn’t too bad at it! 😉 So it became my focus.

Michelle, Superpro, ThailandMy plan was not to fight. I remember my first week here someone asking if I would ever fight and I said no way, Im too nice, I could never hit someone. My focus was just to lose weight and get fit. But the longer I did it it just became a natural progression. The trainers were always asking me when I was going to fight and I realized I wanted to. Fighting isn’t about hurting someone, that’s not why I do it, I’m still nice! So yeah, in short my original goal was to lose weight and get fitter, but now it’s to keep doing what I love and to fight sometimes. I don’t want to be a professional, I’m almost 35 years old. But I do want to fight, even if its only here in Samui. It’s nice to have something to work towards. And I do love the feeling you get in the ring.  I have had only 5 fights in about 9 months. My goal was 10 or more in a year – I wanted to fight at least every month. But I’ve had a lot of injuries meaning I couldn’t fight as much as I wanted. But I’ve just come back and had 2 fights in the past 3 weeks. I lost my very first fight on points. Won the next 2 fights on points. Won the next by KO and then just lost my last fight on points.

Michelle, Superpro, ThailandMy drive to keep training is I just ‘I love it’ I guess. I love training every day and always learning something new. You can always learn more in Muay Thai. I loved working with my original trainer who left and now my new trainer. Both have been my friends since day 1 of my time here and really look after me. Most people work with many different trainers within the gym but I am the kind of person that needs to have a bit of a bond with a trainer. My spirit doesn’t always stay up, some days I want to stay in bed. Sometimes everything hurts. Some days I just don’t feel like it. But I know I am better for doing it. Anytime I have stopped I was miserable. Even if I take a week off after a fight I feel lazy and just want to train again. I fractured my foot in my first fight and couldn’t train properly for 6 weeks and was so miserable. I miss the gym and the boys if I am away for more than a few days. So I guess my goal is just to keep doing this as long as it keeps me happy. I would like to have at least 10 fights before I stop fighting. But it’s not really the fighting that is a goal, it’s just doing what makes me happy. Whether or not I somehow manage to work with Muay Thai later on I am not sure, but I can’t imagine it not being part of my every day life now.

Michelle, Superpro, ThailandThis is probably really more than you wanted haha! Bit carried away! But yeah, obviously I am really passionate about Superpro and how amazing a place it is. It completely changed my life for the better. I am a more confident, fit, healthier and happier person now. Muay Thai and Superpro has given me so many friends also and I’ve met really amazing people I would have never met before. And given me a family. These Thai boys are like brothers to me now.

Michelle, Superpro, Thailand

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