The best coffee

Terug op OhauAfter three hours of sleep and a two hour drive I arrived at Kona Airport (Big Island). I fancied a fresh cup of coffee, but had no cash.. They were not very willing to add to a pin transaction at the shops either.. The creditcard machine was out of order at the coffee corner.. And I still fancied a coffee..

I tried to change to euro’s and New Zealand dollars and they looked at me very sweet oh yes. But no. I was not possible to change.

A very kind Chinees man saw it happen and came to me. He gave me some money and said: “Enjoy your coffee”.

I was totally amazed by this kind and so welcome effort. I wanted to give him back the euro’s, but he didn’t want them.

I gave the money to the cashier, who gave me an empty cup. She appointed the coffee can. That was standing out there for a long long time…

But this coffee was the best, thanks to this very kind man. Thank you!

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